1. SOME VIDEO CLIPS FROM THE LAUNCH OF “TIMES & PLACES” AT ST. JAMES HALL IN VANCOUVER, JUNE 25, 2016, with (l.-r.) Victor Smith, Michael Burnyeat, Amy Stephen & Jeremy Holmes

      When the Tide Goes Out (from the album Saltchuck Serenade)

     Time Is a River

     George the Blacksmith

     Beer Is Good For You

2.  THE TALE OF THOMAS NICKERSON, ©Brian Robertson, 2010, an epic ballad of 19 verses performed at the First Congregational Church of Chatham, Massachusetts for the 2011 Nickerson Annual Gathering.  The tune is adapted from the traditional Irish maritime song, The Flying Cloud.
Thomas Nickerson, an ancestral relative of my life partner Beth Walters, was the cabin boy aboard the whaler Essex, which was stove in and sunk by an enraged sperm whale in the central Pacific in 1819. The incident inspired Herman Melville to write the American classic novel Moby Dick, and the crew’s desperate voyage of survival in small whaling boats to the Chilean coast was portrayed in the recent movie In the Heart of the Sea.

Brian sings lead in these samples from one of his favourite musical genres

Johnny Come Down to Hilo [short version]; Brian, with the Irish Wakers

Bully in the Alley; Brian, with the Armchair Sailors

4.  HOT AIR BALLOON ©Brian Robertson, 2006, at the 2007-08 Northwest New Years’ Camp, with Dave Bartley (mandolin) and Claude Ginsburg (violin).


CD Launch poster 3

BR - Wild at Art
Kicking it at St. James Hall, 2014
Brian singing in camper concert NWNY camp 2013
Northwest New Years Camp concert, Vachon Is., WA
Great Bear Pub - Brian 1
St. Paddie’s Night with fiddle sensation Jocelyn Pettit
Brian at NWFL
At Seattle’s amazing North West Folk Life Festival
Performing at the KALA Room-2
KALA Stage, Fisher Poets Gathering, Astoria OR 2016
Brian - Music in the Park
A lovely day for Music in the (Pacific Spirit Rim) Park
Brian 06-09-2
Quiet time with my Santa Cruz
Singing for a wonderful supper of fresh caught ling cod provided by our camping neighbours on Flores Island, photo courtesy of Robyn Byrne
Aboard the Blue Rose, Montague Harbour, August 2016
Aboard the Mischief, Montague Harbour, August 2016
Performing as the Brian Robertson Trio, with multi-instrumentalist Victor Smith and BC’s 2017 &18 fiddle champion Michael Burnyeat

Special thanks to Beth Walters and Natalie Wright for the photos and videos [unless otherwise credited] that have been used on this website!